December 14, 2011

Did You Know? You Breathe the Air in Your Crawl Space...

It's true. The air that's in your crawl space is cycled through the rest of your home, courtesy of the Staff Effect (a.k.a. chimney effect).

The stack effect is the movement of air in your home. 

As you know, warm air rises. This is because it's less dense than cold air. 

As the warm air rises it brings with it particles of dust, mold, rodent fecal matter and any other nastiness that's hanging out in your crawl space. Yuck!

And as the warm air exits your home through chimneys or cracks in your attic, it creates suction. This pulls up the cool air and the cycle continues.

Why's It Matter?  Aside from it just being gross, you can have increased health problems, and it will increase your heating and cooling costs as much as 15% 

The only way to fix this is to encapsulate or seal your crawl space

Want to know more? Check out The Science and Sense of Crawl Space Encapsulation, by Professional Engineer Jesse Waltz. 

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