March 19, 2012

The Spring Rains Are Coming - Is Your Basement Ready?

April showers bring May flowers... But they can also wreak havoc on your basement. All of that additional rain can flood your basement if you’re not prepared. 

A flooded basement is a pain to clean up, destroys your belongings, creates the perfect environment for mold and can cause structural damage. 

Why take the risk? Make sure you’re ready. 

What to Look For
Take a look at your basement for problem signs. If you find any of these then you could end up with a flooded basement once the rains come. If you're unsure of what to do next, call one of our waterproofing experts.

Basement wall cracks
Cracks in your basement walls are a sign that you could have a problem with hydrostatic pressure. This is the pressure of the water in the soil pushing against your basement foundation. Over time hydrostatic pressure will create wall cracks, and water will then find its way into your basement. 

Cracked basement floor
A crack in your basement floor can let water in. If the crack is new or has widened over the course of time, it’s also a sign that you could have a structural problem. 

Condensation on the windows, exposed pipes or appliances
If there’s condensation in your basement then you have a humidity problem which is caused by excess moisture. The moisture could be coming in through cracks, leaky windows or the area where your floor and walls meet. And any of those sources could contribute to a flooded basement. 

Moisture on the walls or floor
If your walls or floors are damp then you have a waterproofing problem. 

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