April 25, 2012

Why Do I Have Wet Basement Floors?

Dear John, having to constantly mop up a wet basement floor is frustrating! That flooding could be caused by a number of things like hydrostatic pressure or settlement. Both of which can cause floor and wall cracks.

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure of water pushing against your foundation.  That water could be from underground sources, or caused by poor drainage or heavy rain. Over time the hydrostatic pressure will crack your basement floor or walls. And it will also push the water up through your basement floor cracks or the floor-wall joints.

House settlement occurs when the ground your house is built on can't support the weight of your home.
When this happens, you'll start to see cracks in your basement floor, which create tripping hazards and can let water through.

In both cases, the cracks will continue to grow and lead to basement foundation problems in addition to a waterproofing problem. Not to mention that the extra moisture creates the perfect environment for mold and dust mites. 

But you don't have to live with cleaning up a wet floor anymore! Your basement can be waterproofed and finished. The solution could be as simple as installing an under-the-floor French Drain, like WaterGuard, and a sump pump.

When in doubt, give us a call. We're happy to come out and inspect your wet basement for free, and work with you to provide the best solution for your home. 

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