July 30, 2012

Foundation Repair - What's Involved?

So, your home needs foundation repair? You've done your research and found several experts who will provide you with an estimate, but what's really involved in repairing your home? 

Foundation repair can involve several things, depending upon the problem. If your home is experiencing settlement problems then a deep foundation solution may be recommended
A retrofit deep foundation repair can involve installing helical piles (see the top left photo) or push piers. In both instances, a steel pier is either screwed (helical pile) or driven (push pier) deep into the soil under your home. 

The piers are driven until they reach a stable layer of soil which helps minimize future foundation settlement. 

If your home has bowed basement walls then anchors may be used to repair the damage and stabilize your foundation. In this case a wall plate is placed on the interior basement wall and connected with a steel rod to another plate buried in the soil. Over time wall anchors can be used to straighten the failing foundation wall. 

Keep in mind that every foundation repair method is different depending upon the soil type and severity of the problem. For example: Foundation repair in Virginia Beach may involve the installation of helical piles while a repair in Fredericksburg may call for push piers.

So when in doubt, get several expert opinions before you decide on the best solution for your home.

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