July 6, 2012

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair - What Is It?

You may have heard about pier and beam foundations. But what does that actually mean?

A pier and beam foundation is a foundation that has concrete or cement block exterior walls and interior piers which support the wood floor joists and support beams.

In simple terms: this is most crawl space foundations.
How Do You Know If You Need Pier and Beam Foundation Repair?

There are a variety of problem signs that you could look for that may indicate that you need foundation repair. 

  * Floor -wall gaps 
  * Uneven and bouncing floors 
  * Over-spanned floor joists 
  * Drywall cracks 
  * Cracked bricks 
  * Sticking windows
  * Hard to open doors
  * Uneven doors
  * Nail pops

All of these can be signs that you need the help of a professional! And don't be fooled into thinking that you can take on a DIY foundation repair over the weekend. If your home isn't repaired properly you could wind up with even bigger structural problems!

What Causes Foundation Issues? 
Foundation problems can be caused by a poor construction, the environment and even poor soil. 

Poor Construction: If the soil that your home is built upon wasn't prepared before the foundation was installed, then you could end up with settlement problems. 

Over-spanned floor joists and support piers are also the result of construction mistakes. Designing your foundation is a precise process and if a measurement is off then your home could experience structural issues. 

Environment: Mother Nature can play a major role in the health and stability of your foundation. Extreme heat, drought, heavy rain and even earthquakes can all harm your foundation. 

Soil: Think of the soil like a sponge. When you take a fresh sponge out of the package it's compact however once you get the sponge wet it expands and softens. And as the sponge dries it shrinks and hardens. The same thing happens to your soil. 

So if the weather is hot and dry - like it is right now - the soil will start to compact and shrink, resulting in settlement problems. Yikes!

How To Repair Pier & Beam Foundations
The solution used to fix your foundation depends on the source of the problem. At JES we  use tested and proven foundation repair solutions including; helical piles to push piers and SmartJacks. And every foundation repair solution is custom designed to solve your home's problem. 

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