September 26, 2012

French Drains

So, what are French Drains? 

In the simplest terms: French Drains are a perimeter floor drainage system that's installed in basements to remove water. 

What does this really mean? A traditional French Drain is a trench that is dug around your foundation footing or installed under your basement floor. The drains are typically installed after the home is built and has a waterproofing issue. 

Once the trench is dug, a layer of gravel is laid over the bottom. The theory is that this will help prevent clogging - but it doesn't always work that way. After the gravel is laid down, a pipe is placed over the gravel. Holes are then drilled into the pipe so that it can collect water. 

Move gravel is laid on top of the pipe along with a layer of fabric. The fabric and gravel are intended to act as a filter, and in principle it's a great idea however in practice that's an entirely different matter. 

Traditional French Drains are prone to clogging, collapsing or kinking; making them virtually useless. 

So what do you do if you need to waterproof your basement?

Solve your basement waterproofing problems with WaterGuard by JES
There are other basement waterproofing options! We offer WaterGuard which is an perimeter drainage system designed for your basement. It's installed near the surface, so you don't have to worry about damaging your foundation footing. And WaterGuard also works in crawl spaces!

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