October 26, 2012

How To Repair Cracked Brick

How to repair cracked brick
As many of you know, the fall Homearama show is in full swing. And JES loves being a part of Homearama!

This year we decided to get into the spirit of the season and put up some fun Halloween decorations. After all, who doesn't like to have a little fun? 

In any case, I was manning the booth yesterday afternoon when a gentleman stopped by our booth and asked "how to repair brick cracks."

It was an excellent question, one which I wanted to share, and it was more complicated than he may have realized. 

Vertical brick cracks are a sign you need expert foundation repair
Repairing brick cracks can involve more than just patching the crack with mortar. 

First you need to figure out why the bricks have cracked. If the issue lies in poorly mixed mortar, then re-patching the bricks should do the trick.

But if the bricks are cracked due to a foundation problem then you'll need to do more than just patch the brick. Here are a few things to look for when trying to determine if you have a foundation problem:

  • Are the bricks cracked or is it just the mortar? If the bricks are cracking you may have a foundation issue.
  • Is the cracking in an area that's larger than 6 inches? Then it's time to call an expert, you may have a settlement issue.
  • Is the mortar crumbling? Then you may just have a bad mix of mortar. 
  • Is the crack larger than 1/8" or uneven? This is a sign that you could have a house settling problem.
If your cracked bricks are caused by a foundation problem then you'll want to call a foundation repair expert for a free foundation inspection. Every solution to repair cracked brick is different, you may require a deep foundation solution to properly repair the cracks or it could just require a cosmetic fix. 

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