January 25, 2013

Can you encapsulate a crawl space in VA?

With the warmer weather earlier in the winter season, a lot of people have been experiencing crawl space moisture problems: bugs, mold and a musty smell. 

All of these problems have led to a lot of folks writing or calling in asking, "can you encapsulate a crawl space in VA?"

Yes, Virginia, you can encapsulate your crawl space! And it will help with all of those annoying moisture issues.

As you know, crawl space humidity and moisture can lead to a host of problems, including: mold, mildew, wood rot, high indoor humidity in your home, increased electric bills, allergy and asthma problems, dust mites, and even termite and pest problems. 

The best way to combat those problems, as you already know, is to encapsulate your crawl space. 

How do you encapsulate your Virginia crawl space? 

Since there is no formal code in Virginia, we follow the practices outlined by the North Carolina Building Code

"Closed crawl spaces need to be protected from water entering the crawl space trough the dirt floor or ground.

Full coverage with ground vapor retarders for all wall vented crawl spaces is required. 'Wall vented crawl spaces shall be protected from water entry by the evaporation of water from the ground surface.

The floor of the crawl space shall be graded so that it drains to one or more low spots. Install a drain to daylight or sump pump at each low spot. Crawl space drains shall be kept separate from roof gutter drain systems and foundation perimeter drains.'*

A termite inspection gap of 3 inches is required.

Closed crawl spaces need a method to dry them, like a dehumidifier. It's also recommended that the air be conditioned either by pumping in air from the living area or installing a conditioner."

By following these rules when we install CleanSpaceTM, we can help ensure that your crawl space is properly encapsulated while leaving a gap along to sill to allow for proper termite inspection. 

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