February 22, 2013

Concrete Block Foundation Repair

Concrete Block Foundation Repair - Horizontal Block Cracks
What to look for 
Horizontal, vertical and stair-step block cracks are all a sign that you could have a foundation problem.

Horizontal Block Cracks
This crack is screaming that your home's foundation is in trouble! Pressure from the soil pushing against your foundation is creating points of weakness – which is where the horizontal cracks are appearing. If this problem isn't repaired the wall will eventually collapse. Yikes!

Concrete Block Foundation Repair - Vertical Block Crack
Vertical Block Cracks
Are a sign that your home is settling. These cracks grow over time, becoming wider and letting moisture into your foundation – creating a waterproofing problem. If vertical cracks appear in more than one area, or if the cracks appear in brick, stone or concrete blocks, get help now!

Stair-Step Block Cracks
These cracks form when your home unevenly settles. This happens when the soil your home is built on is no longer able to support the weight of your house. The soil shifts and shrinks, moving your foundation in the process.

When to call an expert...
If you're reading this blog trying to determine if you have a foundation problem, then it's highly likely that you have a structural issue. A cracked block is almost always a sign that your home is experiencing settlement.

Repairing your home's foundation is a job that's best left to the experts. An improper repair or concrete patch will not properly repair the problem; and could create even more problems in the long run.

Why risk the safety and stability of your home? Call us at 866-370-4816 for your free foundation inspection and estimate. There's no obligation to buy, and we'll tell you if your home doesn't need to be repaired by an expert.

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