February 4, 2013

Cracked Drywall Around Door Frames

cracked drywall house settling

Dear JES,

I have cracked drywall around my door frames. I've patched over them a couple of times but they keep on coming back, and even getting worse! Can I fix them, or do I have to call in a foundation repair contractor? 

George F., Fredericksburg, VA

cracked drywall around door frame

Drywall cracks are one of the most common signs that you may have a foundation settlement problem. It's easy to cover up the cracks with a patch and paint, however if your home continues to settle, the drywall cracks will return. 

It sounds like you've already experienced this annoyance. 

Cracking is caused by unstable soil or foundation settlement
The best way to stop those frustrating drywall cracks around your door and window frames is to stabilize your foundation. The type of foundation repair varies dependent upon the type of problem. 

For example, if your drywall cracks are caused by over-spanned floor joists, and your home has a crawl space foundation, then you may just need SmartJacks

The SmartJack was the brainchild of JES Owner and President, Jesse Waltz, P.E. These specialty crawl space jacks are designed to support more than 60,000 lbs! Impressive, eh?

If over-spanned floor joists aren't the problem, then your home may require a deep foundation solution like push piers. Our push piers are the strongest available, having been engineered and tested to a safety factor of 2:1. So you can be sure that your home is properly supported.

In either case, it's best that you call in a foundation repair expert, just to make sure that your home's problem isn't a structural issue.

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