February 20, 2013

What Causes Cracks In Drywall?

drywall crack causes
Cracked Drywall is one of the most common signs that your home has a foundation problem.

Drywall crack causes
Cracks can be caused by poor taping, moisture and house settling. The location of the crack gives you a clue as to the type of problem.

Since we're a foundation repair company, let's focus on drywall cracks that can be a sign of a foundation problem.

It's important to find the cause of the drywall cracks or they will reappear and continue to grow: creating more stress, work and expensive repairs.Gaps and cracks between the wall and ceiling
Cracking or separation of the wall and ceiling are a sure sign that your home is experiencing foundation settlement - or you've hung your flat screen TV from the drywall instead of a beam. Either way, it's not good.

Cracks will appear around door frames, in the ceiling, in corners and along the wall. Cracks at corners of windows and doors
These types of cracks are almost always a sign that your foundation is experiencing settlement.
Drywall cracks which typically stems from a foundation problem
When your home settles unevenly, cracks will start to develop in the drywall or plaster surrounding your window and door frames. Covering up these cracks with a patch will not fix the underlying problem - foundation settlement. That's a problem that's best left to the experts.

DIY drywall crack repair - don't do it!
A patch will not address your home's settlement problem. Instead the crack will re-appear as your home continues to settle. Once you fix the underlying problem, you can repair the cracked drywall.

If you notice gaps and cracks in your drywall around doors and windows, give us a call at 866-370-4816 or fill out this brief form and one of our experts will contact you.

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