February 8, 2013

What is structural damage to a house?

Dear JES: I've noticed some cracks in the bricks around my home... So I did some research and found that this could be a sign of structural damage. Some sites even say that my house and foundation are in danger!

You can see some of the cracked brick in these photos. What do you think?

Betty S., Arlington, VA

Your brick cracks are definitely a cause for concern. They are a sign that your foundation is in trouble and you have structural damage.

Take a walk around your home and look for any of these other problem signs: drywall cracks, cracked block or cracking concrete close to your home or in your garage or basement.

If you find any of these problem then chances are good that you have structural damage.

A bowed wall is a sign of foundation failure.

How do you fix structural damage? 

Fixing your home's foundation is not a DIY - or do it yourself - proposition. One wrong move and you could end up with even more structural problems!

At JES, our team has repaired countless DIY foundation fixes. Let me tell you, the "repairs" had caused more harm then good. 

It's time to call in an expert!

Your home's foundation problems could be caused by settlement, unstable soil, erratic weather patterns or even just sub-standard building practices. 

To properly stabilize your home, you may need to install a deep foundation. And that is not something you want just anyone fixing. You need a foundation repair expert.

Trust the name you know: JES

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