May 3, 2013

An Inspection Is Not A Sales Pitch

Let's face it, we've all had experiences with pushy salesmen. You invite them into your home for an inspection of some sort, and they don't leave until you sign a contract. It's frustrating and stressful!

This is why, at JES, we don't believe in hiring salesmen. When you call us for your free inspection, you get a qualified inspector.

All of our inspectors receive in-depth training, certification and mentoring before they are allowed to provide a free inspection. 

We have a team of Professional Engineers on staff who oversee training our inspectors. So you receive a real inspection by someone who can answer all of your questions.  

Of course we can toot our own horn, but it's better to hear it from a customer. 

We provided a free inspection to Brad McDonald of the Fast Attack Sales blog. He said "Last year, I noticed that the soil around my house was eroding and the concrete ramp into my garage was cracked and falling away from the house. I feared the worst: a sinking foundation and a massive repair bill. I called a local construction company, JES, with my problem. One of JES’s engineers, Dale, came out to assess my situation. I was sure this guy was going to present me an estimate for $25K; and in this case I knew I wouldn't be able to take his information and do the job myself.

When Dale arrived on scene, he was refreshingly laid back about the whole situation. a la Columbo. As we talked, he began a series of laser sightings on my brick lines (complicated stuff). Dale spent over an hour going around my house with his laser, poking and prodding the soil and the cracked driveway. Finally he stopped in front of me and, to my surprise, said, “Mr. McDonald, your foundation is fine and will be for many years. You just need to fill in the holes and get this concrete replaced. I wish you needed my services but you don’t.”
Wow! What a relief for me! I was so happy that I tried to pay Dale a couple hundred dollars for his time but he would not accept. He said, “Just please think of me in the future and refer me to any of your friends who might need our services.”
Dale established long term credibility with me and I will certainly keep his card for future reference." 

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