November 26, 2013

Here Comes the Cold Weather Arlington, Virginia!

It gets cold around our nation's capital! In fact, this past Sunday's high was only 34 degrees at Reagan National Airport, making it the coldest November day since 1987. Winter may officially be a month away, but if the mercury is any indication... it's here this week! The city of Arlington published this winter weather preparedness guide on the city's website because residents are often caught off guard when it comes to the weather. If you have ever found yourself without a jacket on the first cold days of the year, you can relate. The state of Virginia is also stressing winter preparedness with its "Virginia Ready" initiative.

This same type of preparedness can can be beneficial to our homes. Before you know it, the colder days are here and things around the house can be taken for granted. Neglected crawl spaces, increased dampness to soils and freezing temperatures can all have profound impacts on the stability and comfort of your home life. Here are two important tips.

Close up your crawl space and basement vents.
It's simple. With the vents closed under your home, you will have less cold air coming into the house and lower energy bills because of it. You will also keep insects and other pests from choosing your home in order to stay warm. Lastly, you will have warmer floors and fewer drafts in the house, so close up those outside vents!

Look for cracks along the brick/block foundation of your home.
The winter brings with it not only colder weather, but also more moisture. This water soaking into the ground can cause geological shifts to the foundation of your home. Keep your eyes open throughout the winter months and call JES at the first signs of trouble.

Remember, JES will inspect your crawl space and/or home foundation, and answer all of your questions at NO CHARGE! Stay warm this holiday weekend and most importantly, be prepared so that the cold weather doesn't catch you off guard.

See you next time!

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