April 3, 2014

Five Unlikely Spring Tips

Spring is here and that means getting ready for all of the things we enjoy as the weather turns warmer and the days are longer. While you are busy getting out the grill, considering vacation spots and (hopefully soon) hanging up the coats and jackets, we thought we would provide you with some unlikely money saving tips for spring.

1) Buy firewood.
Buying your firewood now will be cheaper because demand is less as more people are NOT buying it. This can save you as much as a $100 per cord. Be sure to stack it in a dry space outdoors so the wood can dry out in time for the winter.

2) Get a furnace or boiler tune-up.
A tune-up removes scale, soot and corrosion and extends the life of your unit. It will also set you up for one less thing to worry about this fall when it's time to fire that baby up. 

3) Get your chimney cleaned.
How many people think about their chimney when it gets warm out? Too few. Take advantage of off-season pricing and get the work done on your schedule. Chimney sweeps are not as busy in the spring.

4) Don't buy a grill, lawn mower or patio furniture.
With most people's thoughts being turned towards spring and summer, they will be buying these items. Decide to wait until fall to replace your warm weather gear and save some money. End of season prices are always low.

5) Raise your insurance deductible.
Raising your home insurance deductible from $250 to $1000 will dissuade you from making smaller claims which could lead to rate hikes or even cancellation. It could also save a few hundred bucks a year.

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