April 9, 2014

Repair Decisions: It takes two.

It takes two to talk. It takes two to tango, and it takes two to make a thing go right. ;-)

JES deals with matters of family comfort, security and confidence every single day. When considering a foundation or crawl space repair, the process is something that should be discussed by the adult partners of the home. In our twenty-plus-years of fixing over 20,000 homes, we have always made it a commitment on our part to make sure both the husband and the wife have a solid understanding of the nature of their particular foundation or crawl space issue. We do this because we want to insure that the proper details are examined and that confidence in making the right decision is guaranteed. A lot of vital information can be lost between inspection time and the dinner table. Here are four things you both need to know and discuss when having your home repaired by JES.

1) The cause of the problem
You called JES for a FREE inspection because you have a problem. Understanding the cause of that problem is crucial in making a good decision together. "Something is broken..." or "There is water down there...", are not detailed enough explanations for most people to understand why it is going to cost hard earned money to fix things. Understanding the cause is a great first step in working together! 

2) The nature of the repair or solution
Knowing exactly what JES intends to do to correct the situation in your home is a crucial point of understanding in the decision making process as well. For instance, Smart Jacks can be complicated if your are not familiar with them. "They are going to lift the floor." may be a general explanation, but it does little to garner enough information in making a decision together. Your Inspector is certain to provide plenty of information on our solutions. Discuss them and ask questions.

3) The cost of the repair
Let's face it. If the repair were free, would anyone have to talk about how the damage happened and how it is going to get fixed? Not likely. We all know that money is a major source of frustration for many couples. How much is the repair going to cost and how you going to pay for it, needs to be discussed. The more information and options available to you the better. Your inspector will likely guide you through a few options based on your particular situation. Talk about it!

4) The benefits of getting it fixed
Sure, getting it fixed is an expense, but what are the short-term and long-term benefits of the repair? Will it make the home environment more healthy and/or energy efficient? Does it add value to your home? Will it pay for itself in the coming years? If the benefits of the having your home repaired can not be justified by you both, than it will be difficult to see value in the cost of the repair. 

Because we know it takes two, we strive to insure that both you and your spouse (or partner) come together in understanding what JES is proposing. Take advantage of your Inspector's willingness to talk to you both and convey all of the details you need in making the most of your home repair.

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