November 7, 2014

Virginia Flag Lady, Stella Waltz, Delivers a Veterans Day History Lesson

Stella Waltz, co-owner of JES Foundation Repair headquartered in Virginia Beach, knows how to honor the American flag. Conversational, informational and inspirational, her presentations are filled with interesting and obscure facts about the history behind our nation’s most revered symbol of freedom.

The daughter of a World War II veteran, Stella learned the importance of handling the flag with respect at an early age. She has held the flag and those who fought for its sake, in great esteem since childhood. Growing up, Stella’s parents, who met a few years after the war ended, shared incredible stories about their experiences on everything from the home front to the war zone.

 “Our armed forces defend our freedoms and ensure the flag continues to fly. When I see the flag, a powerful feeling surges through me. You don't have to walk in other people's shoes to appreciate and value what they have been through, and in this case—everything they have done for you and your family in the spirit of selflessness.”           
                                                                                                           Stella Waltz

Stella’s passion for the American Flag is simply contagious. Her thoughtful delivery and factual accounts are suitable for audiences of all ages including civic groups, community associations, veterans, school-aged children and more.

She takes great pride in educating the public about proper flag retirement, as well as teaching flag history and etiquette. If you are interested in more information or would like to book Stella for an event, contact or visit

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